Yuri III

(1310 – 1326)

After receiving the death of Mikhail Yaroslavich the great reign of Vladimir, Yuri Danilovich briefly triumphed his victory.

Soon he was killed in the Golden Horde by the son of Mikhail Yaroslavich Dimitri, nicknamed “The Terrible Eyes,” who avenged Yuri for his father.

and such arbitrariness Khan executed Dimitri.

Under Iurii Danilovich, the Moscow Principality enriched itself with two important cities: Mozhaisk and Kolomna.

Mozhaysk is in the upper reaches of the Moscow River, and Kolomna is at the confluence of the Oka River. Thus, the Moscow princes had at their disposal the whole course of the Moscow River.

Alexander II Mikhailovich (1326 – 1328)