(879 — 912)

Oleg, a relative of Rurik, ruled behind the young Igor, son of Rurik.

He was famous for his military victories, and with his prudence and wisdom he gained the love of his subjects. He took possession of Smolensk, having subordinated all the Krivichs to his power, took Lyubech, an ancient city on the Dnieper, took possession of Kiev’s deception, killing Askold and Dir.

Kiev, with its beautiful location and a high-water, navigable river, liked Oleg so much that he made it his capital, calling him the mother of Russian cities in 882. After this, Novgorod took a secondary position.

Oleg subdued Drevlyans, Northerners and Rodimichs, undertook a successful campaign to Constantinople, concluded a profitable trade agreement with the Greeks.

Oleg became famous for building cities. For his exploits received the nickname “prophetic”, i.e. wise.

Having lived to a very old age, Oleg, as legend says, died of his beloved horse. He reigned 33 years, and was the first historically reliable prince.

Igor (912 – 945)