Mikhail II

(1304 – 1310)

After the death of the sons of Alexander Nevsky, the nephew of Alexander Nevsky, Mikhail Yaroslavich Tverskoi, who was supposed to reign by right of seniority, received a label for the grand reign of the khan.

But his nephew, Yuri Danilovich Moskovsky, who did not have the right to a grand reign, came into conflict with his uncle. Acquiring the location of the Uzbek Khan by marrying his sister Konchak, he accused Mikhail Yaroslavich of poisoning Konchaki, who died in captivity at the Tver prince.

Michael was brutally tortured in a horde in the presence of Yuri, who received from Khan a label for the great reign.

Yuri III Danilovich (1310 – 1326)