(1216 – 1219)

After the death of Vsevolod III between his sons Konstantin and Yuri, strife occurred because Vsevolod III, dissatisfied with his eldest son Constantine, gave the grand prince’s hailstorm to his second son, Yuri.

The third son of Vsevolod, Yaroslav, was on the side of Yuri. He reigned in Novgorod, but the Novgorodians were unhappy with him.

The defense of Novgorod was Mstislav Udaloy, Prince of Smolensk, who concluded an alliance with Constantine. There was a battle with the river. Lipica in the year 1216. Constantine and Mstislav won, and Constantine became the Grand Duke.

He reigned only three years and died in 1219.

Grand Princely throne again took Yuri II.

Yuri II Vsevolodovich (1219 – 1238)