(912 – 945)

Oleg’s successor was Rurik’s son, Igor, who even during the life of the Grand Duke married Pskovite Olga.

Igor conquered the coals, pacified the Drevlyane, made two campaigns to Constantinople.

The first campaign was unsuccessful, since the Greek commander Osofan attacked the Russian ships and began to throw in them, through the pipes, the so-called Greek fire burning on the water. This fire made a terrible impression on them, they also attributed their failure.

During the second campaign, the Greeks offered Igor peace. He announced this to his squad, who spoke for peace.

The following year, a new treaty was written with the Greeks, but less profitable than with Oleg. This treaty was bound by a mutual oath.

Igor’s cousin consisted of pagans and Christians. The first together with Igor went to the hill, on which stood the idol of their god Perun, where they uttered their oath. Christians swore by the name of the Christian God in the cathedral temple of Elijah.

Igor’s comrade began to murmur that he did not care for her, since Igor himself did not go after the tribute himself in the last years of his reign, but sent a noble husband of Sveneld, and therefore the prince’s squad was impoverished.

Igor listened to his vigilantes and went with them to collect tribute from the lands of the Drevlyans, whom he encircled with a strengthened tribute. Later, he wanted to double the tribute, for which he was killed by the Drevlyans.

Igor’s reign lasted 32 years.

During the reign of Igor in Russia for the first time appeared Pechenegs, who began to worry their raids, not only the southern limits of Rus, but Kiev itself was in danger from this people. The first appearance of the Pechenegs was recorded in the annals under the year 915.

Olga (945 – 957)