Alexander II Mikhailovich

(1326 – 1328)

Alexander Mikhailovich, Prince of Tver, received a label from the Uzbek Khan for the grand reign, soon lost his throne for allowing the Tverichans to kill the Khan’s ambassador, Cholkhan and his retinue, who, as usual, allowed themselves to do various offenses and violence to the inhabitants.

Yuri’s brother Ivan Danilovich Kalita took advantage of Uzbek anger, went to the Horde with a report on the Tver events and returned from there with the Tatar army to punish the rebels.

The Tver principality underwent severe devastation, as well as the Novorozhskaya region, which belonged to the possessions of Novgorod.

Alexander fled to Pskov, and the Grand Duke became John Danilovich Kalita.

Later, Alexander Mikhailovich was killed in the Horde.

Ivan I Danilovich Kalita (1328 – 1340)